The Lind House Association and the New Ulm Actors Community Theatre announce that the Alice Lind Play Reading Society will read Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Starting promptly and at an earlier time of 6:30 pm, the play reading will be held at the historic Lind House located at 622 Center Street, New Ulm, Mn.

Admission is $5.00. Reservations are encouraged as there are a limited number of scripts available. Call (507) 359-9990  or email and leave a message that you plan to attend. You will only be called if there are no more spaces available. Refreshments will be served.

Considered to be an autobiographical masterpiece which was published and produced posthumously, Long Day’s Journey Into Night centers on the Tyrone family. Set in 1912 New England, the story takes place in the summer home of semi-retired actor James Tyrone, an alcoholic miser who has spent a lifetime treading on the spirit of his morphine-induced hazed wife, Mary. Oldest son Jamie is a bitter alcoholic, envious of the writing talent of his sickly younger brother Edmund who contracted tuberculosis while traveling overseas. As Mary sinks into madness, father and sons confront each other and the long day’s journey concludes with a hellish night in which the three Tyrone men sit about drunkenly as Mary hallucinates about her younger and happier days. In the 1962 movie, Katharine Hepburn emerged from a three-year retirement to essay the backbreaking role of Mary Tyrone, which garnered her a Best Actress Academy Award® nomination.


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