Next Play Reading – The Skin of Our Teeth

The Skin of Our Teeth

The May play reading selection for the Alice Lind Play Reading Society on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 7 pm will be the comedy, The Skin of Our Teeth. The Lind House is located at 622 Center Street, New Ulm, Mn.

Thornton Wilder’s five-act play, The Skin of Our Teeth centers on multiple themes, which include the human condition, family, and good and evil. In examining the first theme, Wilder outlines the human experience by using characters to reveal maternal love and selfishness. These same characters reveal their willingness to pursue lust and violence. Through such characters as Sabina and the Antrobuses, he reveals humanity’s desire to survive life while simultaneously giving in to self-destruction.

The second theme, family, is best represented in the characters of George and Maggie Antrobus, who exemplify the “masculine provider and feminine caregiver.” George offers a single-minded view of his ambitions; while Maggie offers a single-minded view of her need to devote her life and soul to the family. Wilder’s presentation of family in the play is one that parodies the traditional perception and expectation of society.

Lastly, the theme of good and evil is best reflected in the character of Henry. He brings evil to the play, appearing in every act. Wilder uses Henry to reveal to the reader that the struggle between evil and good is ongoing and never ending. The fight Henry has with his father symbolizes the clash of forces and it is left unresolved. By the end of The Skin of Our Teeth it is the Antrobuses who leave the play confident about their future plans.

Volunteers will be asked to read parts throughout the evening. Depending on attendance, the leading roles may be read by several people for each act or scene. Persons attending do not have to read or may request smaller roles to read. Suggestions from the public for future plays are strongly encouraged.

The Society meets on the Second Tuesday of each month and is dedicated to the idea that reading and listening to plays allows the participants to understand the words and themes of the author more clearly than in some performances. The series is named after the former Governor’s wife, Alice Lind, a supporter of social causes and literacy.

Admission is $5.00. Reservations are preferred as there are a limited number of scripts available. Call (507) 359-9990 and leave a message that you plan to attend. You will only be called if there are no more spaces available. Refreshments will be served. For more information about the play reading options, go to or contact Paul Warshauer (507) 359-9990. For more information about the Lind House, please contact Trudy Beranek at (507) 354-8802.

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